Tuesday, February 17, 2015

2/2/15 - Fasting to Find a Family

I have scatter-brain memories just flashing through my head, so I'm going to put the brakes on warp speed and just summarize the highlights of the week.

*We get to help with a wedding!! Our investigator Pauline is being baptized in Utah on April 5th, but she is getting married here in California on Valentine’s Day. I am such a girl because I am TRHILLED to help out with a wedding. Bishop is going to marry them in the church, and we'll help decorate & put bows on the chairs. Best. Missionary. Work. Ever. (next to baptism).

*Wayne is still set to being baptized May 1st. He is doing great, had 3 lessons with him this week, came to church for the 3rd time yesterday, and he is loving the scriptures. 
How do you know if this church is God's? Book of Mormon, period.
 My goal is to finish the ASL Book of Mormon before I go home, but I'm only in Mosiah, so I have to watch about 3 hours per week in order to finish it.... wish me luck! I'm telling you, the ONLY way to understand Jacob 5 is by watching it!

*Yesterday, the whole ward fasted with us Sisters. It has been so neat, I love Valencia. But I’m telling you, there is a FAMILY here, looking for the gospel. I felt it, and I desire sooo much to teach one familia on my mission. So we met with members everyday this past week and will follow up this week in order to find them. But it’s a humbling, faith-building experience to add the ward's faith in fasting with yours for one cause...So, day 1, here we go.

*Today is National Frozen Yogurt Day. Guess what we're doing after the hike=)

*Me & my comp were in the aisle for half an hour laughing hysterically last Monday. 
Note to self-
Never look in the card section for birthday/holidays in LA..... 

Love ya tons. The church is true. The Lord will lead us. It's 77 degrees outside, Life is good!
~Sister McNeill

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