Tuesday, February 17, 2015

2/16/15 - Funeral/Wedding Same Day

If the  Book is true, it’s all true.  How do you know? 
Do you research-Read. Ask the source-Pray
(This link is an amazing testimony of the Book of Mormon from Elder Holland)

I'll never be perfect, but I am perfect in trying. My motto this week "just keep swimming."

Went to an Indian Funeral.
 Needless to say, as a blonde white girl I sure stood out. There was two different spirits in that room that I want to testify of.  First, the world has some truth. It was a good Christian minister who led the funeral. We sang, we prayed, he prayed, we sang again. They know Christ is the way. But it was rote. Same prayer, same song, simply with her name copy and pasted in. 

In contrast, 2 of the missionaries sang, and our Bishop spoke.
First note of Nearer My God to Thee, the spirit of the room tangibly shifted. I physically felt different. I know that our church is led by Christ and it's His truth that saves.
It is hard, as a missionary, to know the Plan and to be forced to stay silent. They groan and grieve and cry, and you just sit there, begging for them to ask you for insight...agency is the worst. At times, that must be how my Heavenly Father feels....
You hear your 15 yr. old investigator say goodbye to his mom, and it hurts.  Dead honest (no pun intended) I hate funerals. But, I held it together fine.... until he mentioned how much he'll miss her sitting at the dinner table, helping with his Algebra homework... that hit way too close to home.

On that note, we drove straightway from the funeral to our investigator's wedding. God answers prayers, and on a beautiful holiday weekend, midday, not a soul was at the park=)  It was a beautiful service!  So funny, the groom had to force on his ring, it was WAYY to small, so we had to sit there awkwardly and watch him lick and twist and pull that ring on his finger.... aint’ comin’ off for awhile!
Man life is tough- but Christ is tougher, and through Him, we can be too.
2 quotes I liked from church were:
"God won't hand us nothing we can't handle."
"My trials are never bigger than my God."

Love you all, stick close to your faith. As a ward challenge, I’m trying to memorize the Proclamation of the world.... 7 days later, I’ve got 2 paragraphs down. Pray for me!
 -Sis McNeill

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