Saturday, February 1, 2014

2/1/14 - Sister Training Leaders

It was a double treat this week – received letter Thursday and Friday she sent her email letter.  Here is what she wrote along with a couple of pictures of her with her companion and district:

“Wow, okay so it’s been pretty insane.  The first flash of grand news is me and my companion are now Sister Training Leaders of the zone!  Wahoo!  Holy cow, we received the call Sunday, so the next 2 weeks we are responsible for 10 girls… as if we could barely handle ourselves.  So, we are both terrified, but we’ve accepted and have already felt the blessings.  We are responsible for 10 sister missionaries in our zone. When you serve others, it’s amazing how your own problems kind of fade off.  They’re still there, but now they’re in your peripheral view and not your focus.  So far, so good.  These girls are amazing, phenomenal angels with a set purpose in mind.
   Less than 2 weeks and I leave for my mission!!!  Sister Ingram and Sister Flake are both in my mission so we’ll all fly out together in 12 days.  Terrified?  Yes.  Sick of cafeteria food?  Yes!  Ready to actually work – oh yeah, been working my tail off the past month and I’m so excited to actually use it!  I love my district, so dearly, but I have that fire and I’m just dying to share it (in 75 degree weather).

This week Janice Kapp Perry spoke at our Tuesday devotional.  Half the talk we all just sang/signed primary songs.  Yup, I bawled the whole time.  There is such a spirit of love and familiarity when singing those songs.  I didn’t know this, but she wrote the song As Sisters in Zion for sister missionaries… super cool. 
   So, we found out that San Fernando only has 4 ASL missionaries… and we are three of them.  Not sure how that’s going to work out, but super excited.  Everyone is feeling so much better now and we see the light at the end of the tunnel.  Just the thought of California warms up our toesies! 
   One funny thing happened, I learned if you ever have a deaf companion, don’t leave the room without your key.  I totally got locked out of my room after taking a shower.  I had to slide a hanger underneath the door for about 2 minutes until I got her attention to open the door… super fun!  Another fun challenge was trying to translate a 2 hour meeting where the President talks 500 mph and I can barely sign with preschool vocabulary… the Lord has been so merciful and blessed me with the gift of understanding.  I truly can understand more conversations now!!  But when it’s my turn to sign, my hands are heavy with vibrato because they are shaking to bad.  But, I’ll get there with the help of the Lord – He’s gotten me this far already.

   Tell everyone I love them and again am so thankful for letters of support.  I love this gospel and can’t believe only 10 more days in the MTC!!!”