Tuesday, February 17, 2015

2/9/15 - Planting Seeds

Before anything, I want to testify that planting seeds is JUST as important as picking the fruit. Jim is 75+ and I found him knocking doors. His wife was Catholic, and didn't want to be taught. So we sang I am a Child of God. He said thanks and shut the door.  Next week on exchanges, we drop by. He can't let us in so we go on his front porch, sit on his lawn chairs, and tell him that we're here to help him change through the gospel. Before I left, we set a baptismal date. I have a testimony of planting seeds. Sister Andersen was my companion. People change! 

This week my companion biffed it on a speed bump and sprained her wrist... luckily she's ok, so 
the Lord's blessed us with a lot of walking. Its a blessing, cuz we got to walk in the rain
versus biking in it!
2 investigators came to church on sunday, so that was sweet!
This valentine's day will be interesting- we are going to a funeral, and then to a wedding.... so that's that.
We found a family.... sorta. We found a mom with 2 sons that wants to teach her son about the gospel... good thing dad's an atheist. So we're gonnna try to sneak over sometime in the morning so we can meet with her while he's at work.
Member dinners are sooo good! I am sooo glad to be on a bike, otherwise we'd be in Trouble!

Highlight of the week: WORST member present lesson ever... it was HILARIOUS!
My poor newbie, her face, priceless. You can choose, in moments like these, to either die, or die of laughter.... I chose the latter... after an hour of defusing:)
Point in case- no, not all mormons are republican and believe Obama was not born here.... Sheesh, don't EVER get into politics when talking about any gospel principle.. turns out they just don't mesh.

Just kidding, good highlight: We are teaching a member who hasnt been to church in 20+ years.... and now she's Totally a missionary!!! Its so cool because she knows the doctrines, but we're teaching her the lessons to help her put all the pieces together so she can see the big picture. 
Its just the best feeling in the world to knock on a door to teach a lesson, and they open it and let you in=)

Gospel is true. What is the gospel? Faith in Christ, and repenting everyday, meaning you re-align your will with God. Thats the gospel. We cleanse ourselves fully by partaking of the sacrament every Sunday, and trying again to keep His commandments. Through the Holy Ghost, we build our faith and are given the grace we need in order to try again the next day. This is the gospel: Faith, Repentence, Baptism, Holy Ghost, enduring to the end.  Make sure you know it, and keep continuing in the faith. Love you tons!
Sister McNeill

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