Saturday, January 24, 2015

1/19/15 Update - Missionary Moments

These are the moments you live for as a missionary:
My mission record, we taught 5 lessons this week WITH members! Seriously, with members, investigators are soon much more likely to 
1-turn to the RIGHT source if they have questions
2-feel comfortable opening up
3-more serious about coming to the waters of baptism
4-staying in the church.

So yes, y'all pat yourself on the back. We missionaries need you=)
If you've never had the missionaries teach someone in your home, do it.

Our main investigator was taught twice this week, PLUS went to ARP.
We taught him in the Nelsons home. They both are RM's and know how to teach. At first it was nuts because they have a 2 and 4yr old boys..... trouble.
Thank goodness for fruit snacks.
But the spirit was soooo crazy strong! He is literally the most prepared person I've taught, besides Peter.... only problem- keeping commitments.

The Nelsons- so great- offered to give him a ride to church. Sweet. No backing out this week. We get there, and turns out he told them that morning to go w/out him..... seriously? I am just fuming, seriously begging Heavenly Father to forgive me, because I am mad. He knows it’s true. So why not just TRY it? 
I'm sure God has had similar feeling for me more than once
But its more for my companion, I wanted him there so bad. We were teaching gospel principles in the next class and had catered the lesson exactly for him......

Well, 40 minutes into the first meeting, we see brother Nelson stand up, and walk down the aisle. Could it be...? No way. YES!!! He was late, but he came! He loved it, and walked out of gospel principles saying "man, this church is SO true!!"  Also, our less active was at church, along with her 3 boys. It was a great day.

Moral of the story, sometimes, it just feels great to have your prayers answered the way you'd like them to be. We will be committing him to a baptismal date (in the past he's refused, doesn't feel he's ready) so keep us in your prayers. =) 

Love you tons, the work is sweet, and God is good.
Sis McNeill

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