Monday, January 5, 2015

12/22/14 - Lunch with Kirby's Wife

So this week I’m in a brand new area, and apparently in a different mission (it feels like).
This past year I’ve served in the Valley (San Fernando) where there are no members, but a lot of work. I was in the deaf work in Canoga Park, and then moved to mini Mexico up in, I am in Valencia, in the Santa Clarita Valley.... and it feels like I am in Utah=)

I am training Sister Hovermale- she just came from 6 weeks in the MTC learning ASL and I am training her, and prepping her for the deaf work. She is hard of hearing, and it’s cool to still feel connected with the deaf work.  However training in a brand new area on BIKE is nuts, and wow I have learned that it is hard being a mom=)  Seriously, a mission prepares you for the rest of your life. It’s a roller coaster here, but man we'll just trust the Lord and hang on=)

Love you all, have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. Try not to be toooo jealous you're not a missionary on Christmas Day. This is the only time I get to be an angel instead of a shepherd. Called of God to bring tidings of great joy. 
Happy CHRISTmas!
-Sis McNeill

p.s. oh ya, one last fun thought. Kirby Heyborne (RM, Best 2 Years, 3 Stooges) is one of our ward missionaries. Had lunch in his house on his table drinking from his cups with his wife... =) cool, ya?

(Michelle here – this last part made me laugh as I thought of Kirby’s character talking about the famous people he met on his mission in The Single’s Ward…I am telling Jess she needs to get a picture with him for her mission scrapbook!)

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