Tuesday, April 8, 2014

4/5/14 - Oh how I love these people!

Jess ended up emailing later than usual yesterday, but luckily we got this email from her last night:
So, this week:
- We had exchanges with the Sister Training leaders and the Koreans, so much fun! We read the book of Mormon with their investigator preparing for baptism, talked with a less active, were confronted by 2 not-so-sober men on the street, and knocked a lot of doors with them.
-Talked to a Jehovah Witness about the Plan of Salvation. It was so cool to testify, gently compare each other's beliefs, and leave still with the Spirit. No bible bashing necessary!
-Taught Paul how to Pray (He is one of our deaf investigators that really doesn’t sign much, so we have to write everything down, including prayers). Still only reads the paper we gave him but working on it!
-Were able to get Shi Yu to the Sunday Morning conference! (Holy stress Batman, it was nuts, but so happy we got her and her fuzzy-pink footstool to come)
-Finally Saw one of our investigators again (deaf investigator from 2 months with 2 adorable kids) and we set up another lesson because she still has a desire to become baptized! 
- Been giving service to Bill, an investigator that has a friend that is Mormon.  He had an eye surgery that went bad and has lost most of his sight and can’t drive.  We have been going over each week to help him and we’ve slowly built his trust and he is listening to our message.  He is such a sweet man -  Oh, it’s incredible how much I love all these people!!!

-General conference*amazing* - favorite talks consist of:
Elder L Tom Perry- so neat to think I sang for him in a choir up at USU. He talked about horses, and found a scripture about them too!! James 3:3. Soooo cool.
Elder Bednar- He spoke at the MTC while I was there. He is such a brilliant teacher. Loved his metaphor about the truck and the load. Cool to think that we are helping people get that 4-wheel drive, but it doesn't  
   mean they are done, just means now they can carry more.
Elder Ballard- call for every member to read and study preach my gospel. How cool? We all grinned about that one.
-Pday today, schooled some elders at Knockout or Speed in basketball. That was fun=)
Working hard, loving you all!
-Sister McNeill

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