Monday, March 31, 2014

3/31/14 - Write out 1st prayer for investigator

March 31, 2014

   So, this week, we have been focusing on helping the inactive families in our area.  We have 2 ward directories - one is 25 pages which shows all the baptized members in our ward and the other is 10 pages that shows the members that have come to church in the past few years. Crazy right?  So we have 6 inactive families that we're focusing on right now and here is an update with 3 of them:
  Stephanie- her husband is this cool biker who's nice guy who is very chill with us, but has no interest in church. She is a rough country girl who is VERY hesitant about missionaries. We actually went INSIDE her home, talked with her for an HOUR, AND sang I am a child of God! What?!
  Shi-Yu (don't know how to actually spell it)- Taiwanese woman with memory loss. She hasn't come to church in FOREVER, but with the will and strength that only stubborn sister missionaries have, we got her to the Women's conference.  Women’s Conference was amazing and I felt the spirit so strongly.  Mom, I missed sitting with you super bad, but every time they mentioned missionaries I couldn’t help grinning just a little bit. 
   Ralph- whoa, crazy story. His wife is Catholic but loves us and is open to taking lessons (as far as we're concerned). He is cool, but just doesn’t come to church because he served in the Vietnam War and has PTSD. But, I am thrilled to work with this part member family!
   Other random “fun-ness” this week: We have 2 more deaf investigators that are polar opposites.  Paul is completely deaf who doesn't know any sign.  We wrote by hand a whole lesson and there was a whole lotta head nodding and pointing. First prayer I ever wrote out! The other is Juan, who won't STOP signing and he is such a character, and loves to do charades more than actual signing. Super fun!

Love the gospel, love the work, love the people, and THRILLED for general conference!
-Sister McNeill

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