Monday, March 17, 2014

3/17/14 - 1st Earthquake


   So, who needs an alarm clock in the morning? God wanted to make sure we didn't sleep in for P-day today, so at 6:25 we had an earthquake. I was on the top bunk and it scared me so bad. I found out later it was a 4.7 on the Richter scale. I jumped/leaped off my bunk right as it stopped and me and my companion spent about a whole minute freaking out signing (funny cuz she didn't have her hearing aids and I didn't have my glasses). So nothing broke or anything, but it was still super sweet. Weird. Now I can say experienced my first earthquake, SOOOooo cool. Be jealous!
   Well, that’s pretty much the climax of the week. This week was not very good with numbers, had 2 deaf investigators drop us. That was hard- when we arrived at her house, her boyfriend's mom said she was at the Laundry Mat, so me and my companion spent 40 minutes driving around the nearby laundry mats to try and track her down because this has happened multiple times and we were tired of driving an hour to get there and not have her home. Well, we couldn't find her. It was harder saying bye to her kids- (5 and 3 yrs old). They need the gospel, and it’s hard when they love the church but the mom chooses not to listen. But, I know the Lord will help those boys find the gospel, just doesn't seem like it'll be through us.
   But, we got a referral for 2 separate deaf couples in an apartment. We drove an hour to get there, turns out they were "busy" but it’s okay because 4 new deaf potentials is AWESOME! Also, another person comes home today, so hopefully we can discuss her desire to be baptized and try to help her realize not to wait for her husband to become active again. 
   I've realized how convenient it is to be a Sister missionary, sometimes.  It can be frustrating, especially when you're walking in a not so rich town and people are just weird, but when we're in the rich areas, most people admit to us they only opened the doors to us because they know they can take on us two if need be.  Apparently, not so good people will come to the door pretending to be salesmen and then hold the person at gunpoint. So we always just smile at the camera's and wave or just yell through the door in our lovely, non-intimidating voices- so it’s cool being a sister sometimes!
   We found a new investigator named Peter- covered in tattoos and fancy car and gangster hat- and started talking to him and he just opened up and wants to learn about Christ it was so amazing!!! Truly the Lord prepares his people, and when you find them, it makes everything else worth it.
   We’re teaching a cute, 16, girl named Saphire and she is hard of hearing. It is amazing to see how a girl so young can recognize her church doesn't have the full truth and she wants a more detailed plan of how to get back to heaven. Humility and a desire for knowledge is vital in conversion!
   So, a good week overall. The work presses on! Love you all, and know that in order for that "yes" to feel so sweet, you have to have a lot of "no's". 
Love you all, have a phenomenal week! The sun says hi!
-Sister McNeill

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