Tuesday, March 25, 2014

3/24/14 - Helping Move in the Dark - Unique ASL Challenges

Here is Jess’s 3/24/14 letter – we also got a video from her this week of her doing sign language, but it is so funny, because she didn’t translate at all.  So, it’s great to see her signing a message to us for five minutes, but we have no clue what she said – classic Jess!  It was still great to see her cute face all lit up and she looks very fluent in the sign language, so that was fun to see.

“So, this week, wow, all I can say is that my missionary plaque scripture says it best - Alma 26:11-12, I do not boast of my own strength but I will boast of my God. God's miracles are everywhere, and I don't mean to shout them from the rooftops to show what a spiritual experience I'm having, but just this week God has extended his mercy towards me and my companion and I am so grateful for that.
Mom & Dad, this week we had referrals given for 6 deaf people -  6! Contacting them is another matter, but they are there and we’re so excited to reach out to them.

Anyhow, so other moments:
-We helped a deaf woman move for a service project. Do you know how hard it is to back up a truck if they can't hear you, or what to do when it becomes night and you don't have light? It was neat, and hopefully she can hook us up with some of her friends here in the valley. (I've yet to meet a deaf Valley girl, tell ya when I do).

-Complete mess-up moment. We were teaching Peter, this man with tattoos, smokes, and such a FANTASTIC belief in Christ. So, we prepare so heavily for this lesson cuz he is so ready to learn and we see how the Lord prepares his people, we don't. 1 mistake- never assume you will teach the lesson you planned. Instead of Joseph Smith, the conversation dived into the doctrine of Plan of Salvation... note to self, always have ALL the pamphlets with you. 2  our bad moment- invite him to read the Book of Mormon.... which we left in the car. Awesome. Good thing the spirit changes people, not us.

So, we had a lesson with our adorable, less active/short-term memory loss/Taiwanese mom this week. It was so focused on the temple, and Sister Cox and I are determined to get her to attend church. She was so close this week, promised she would Saturday night when we called her. Sunday morning comes, she forgot & wasn't ready. Drat! So next week, we are determined to bring her.

-Neatest spiritual experience, Sis Cox and I were asked to give the "missionary moment" at our elder's baptism yesterday. We basically share the Restoration while Angelina changes after the baptism. Problem 1- had hardly any time to prepare this week. Problem 2- this was both of our first baptism to attend as a missionary so had no examples to follow. Problem 3- you are in front of 40+ people that are members, missionaries, and investigators. High expectations, no? But, no matter, because we did everything we could this week to serve the Lord and bring souls unto him (I never thought I'd get so sick of PB and J sandwiches in the car). We trusted the Lord, and His spirit was so strong. Just complete peace, we even made a few of the members (males on top of that) cry - Success!

It was a great week, and really when you do everything you possibly can, the Lord accepts your sacrifice and makes it enough. Love you all, and know that the spirit can change, edify, and perfect any person willing to become worthy for it.”

Sister McNeill

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