Monday, April 14, 2014

4/14/14 - Pulled Over by a Cop - oops!


   We had the neat opportunity to have Elder Richards of the 70 come and speak to us at a Mission Conference in Van Nuys. It was cool to have President Hall show how much we've improved in the past 3 months for finding investigators. But, we're really struggling with baptisms. Adding together all of the mission, we got 7 baptisms last week. It’s cool to think that our zone added one to that number! The meeting was long, about 5 hours-ish total of spiritual pounding, but also a great opportunity to learn from a General Authority! It was kinda tricky, having to interpret about 1.5 hours of that (we just switched off between the four of us).  It was good for my skills, and me and my companion are gonna swap notes when we have the time.
   One cool thing, yesterday we had a missionary-led sacrament meeting. All of us missionaries spoke, plus Elder Smith and I sang in sacrament " I Stand All Amazed." Very cool! And, awesome, the North set of elders were able to bring 3 investigators to church. 3!! super awesome! 
   This week, we are talking with President Hall to try and change up the deaf work a little. It is CRAZY trying to juggle both our assigned area and the deaf work for both SC and SF Valley. We are either going to see if we can have only ASL missionaries instead of doing both, or have one more set do both hearing/deaf work with us so we can contact more people and not have to drive around the valley. We also want to try to get video phones or iPads soon. We think if deaf people can see us, they will be more willing to meet with us and we will have less lessons fall through.  It’s exciting, and keeps us on our toes! 
   Also, a funny random story. This week my companion got pulled over by a cop!! So she's already a very rule-obeying missionary, which is good!  She's still learning the ways of the road. So, we pull on the freeway and there's a cop whose lights are flashing as we are pulling off the freeway onto the ramp. Confused, we pull over to the right lane, but this cop is swerving back and forth and slowing down. He's not getting behind us, so we continue on. We are forced off an exit and get back on. Well, lo and behold, this cop is right on our tale- this time for sure it’s for us. We pull over, and he explains that there was debris in the road & she was supposed to stop behind the cop. (she's close to tears and I'm playing innocent to this cop, explaining that we're not from here, and he gets all upset as to why we don't have a California license). Obviously, unpaid ministry has never crossed this guy’s mind...long story short, we get off with a warning. Hahaha!  NOW, it is hilarious, but in the moment, we were dying!! Oh, and I forgot to mention we had a member in the backseat. Good thing she's only 20 like us, so she just laughed.  Now my companion is an even more careful driver – too funny!
   Love you all so much! Reread the talks from General conference, and enjoy Easter! It is a blessing to know that Christ lives and leads His church through a prophet called for today's world. Remembering Him helps us remember our potential for what we too can be.

Keep the faith, and continue the work!
-Sister McNeill

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