Tuesday, July 29, 2014

7/26/14 Sushi to Celebrate the 24th

   So Juan was sick, but he still came to Sacrament and Sunday School.  He's so tough, but we made him go home for priesthood because he wasn’t looking too hot. Must be something going around!
Peter!! Mom we set up a baptismal date with him. August 30!  Holy cow. He has so much to change, but he has it in him. I've never felt so passionate for something. We've known Peter since March, and he has SOOOOO much potential.  But, the adversary is working on him. He is having a hard time understanding the Book of Mormon, so will you pray for him? He is so great, and it’s a privilege to teach him. I can handle staying in West Hills just to teach and baptize him!
   We had Bobby (a deaf potential investigator) com to Pioneer day-crazy!! It’s still tricky trying to set up a lesson with him or get him to come to church, but I am sure we'll get him this week!!
   We knocked the top of our area in West Hills and holy miracles, we found 2 houses that want us to come back!  So awesome!  One is a family and they seem so sweet so we are super psyched! The couple’s names are Mike and JoAnn, with 2 young boys.  Apparently, they investigated the church in the past, but moved and lost contact with the missionaries in the midst of moving.  The 2nd house is Rich – so hilarious.  The 1st month I arrived here, we mixed up the address for him and his sister-in-law.  He is actually Jewish and apparently hates missionaries.  So, way back in February we knocked on his door, asking us if he was feeding us dinner!  Well, he was kind and gave us the right address and we’ve forgotten him ever since until today.  Bonus, he totally remembered us two, and after laughing with him for a minute we asked if we could come back.  His immediate response was that he was Jewish (like we care!) but the Spirit must have nonchalantly elbowed him in the ribs and he accepted!  We swapped numbers and will be going back over after he and his girlfriend come back from their vacation.  The Lord has been very merciful – two awesome miracles and legitimate potentials, oh the Lord was so kind to us today. 
      Also, we visited the Lovo's, Diez, and Gabby (all the deaf less-actives). We haven't gotten them to church yet, but it’s crazy because they all have such solid testimonies!! Soooo, our game plan this week is to focus on the temple so they can get there!! We are having a zone training meeting Wednesday to learn how to teach Lesson 5. It focuses on all the specific ordinances and laws such as priesthood, family history, eternal marriage.... and none of us really know how to teach it since its always been the members responsibility. I am super excited to see President Hall again!
     Random funny story- For pioneer day the Bishop and his wife and daughter took all 6 missionaries in our ward out to sushi, it was soooooo good!  That’s the way Californian’s celebrate the 24th  ha ha.
    Well, I’ve got to run but thank you for your love and support.  I know life is crazy wherever you are, so know you’re kept in my prayers and heart always.  Keep pressing on – God can’t lead us if we refuse to blaze our own trail!
Love ya,
Sister McNeill

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