Tuesday, May 13, 2014

5/12/14 - Happy Mother's Day

We got to talk to Jessica for Mother’s Day and it was wonderful.  She looks great – just lights up the screen – and she is loving her mission, especially the people she serves.  She didn’t send her normal email this week, but sent a really sweet letter for Mother’s Day, with a memory card and photos.  So, here is a photo with her and two sweet ladies – Jewel (deaf) and Violet (hearing) that they serve each week. 
A little excerpt from her card, “Mom, how time has flown by.  This will be my 5th month out.  I already can start to feel the changes inside me.  Don’t know if you’ll notice them or not, but I’ve started to notice the things I do and say now that I’ve picked up… don’t worry though, I refuse to talk like a valley girl! The mission is changing me, and I can’t wait to show you the woman I’ve become when I’m done.  Oh, I love it out here.  Sometimes it doesn’t seem real.  But, I do my best to drink in every moment, good or bad, because I know it’ll make me stronger.  Love you tons!” 
Best Mother’s Day gift ever!
Thanks again for all you do – Jessica said she feels so loved and supported by everyone!

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