Monday, October 6, 2014

10/6/14 - Almost Use Pepper Spray Dad Sent Me

"This is the best 24 months, but it sure ain't the best 24 hours."  We had so many ups and downs this week. Crazy! But super duper awesome!

Our next baptism... We finally had a "break through the ice" lesson with Peter. He is a dry Mormon Basically, he just couldn't get over the thought of choosing his family instead of God. So, we told him to not look at it like a line, with God on one side and your family on the other. Look at it like a triangle, with you on one end, your family on the other, and God at the top. The closer you move to Him, the closer you get to your family.... It was like lightning hit him in the head! We discussed how we might be able to get him into the font (quite a challenge actually), and next time we go over, he'll have picked out a date! Sooo excited!

Our new investigator... Let me tell you about Valerie. She's 50, is an RA and lost her job because she forgot to renew her license. She took care of her dad in a home and then her mom died. Then her husband left her and then her father died. She became homeless for the past 8 yrs. Now, she is in an apartment with a friend. She still suffers from depression, and man, is she ready for the gospel!! Sis French and I- first time we met her- already can picture her in her temple clothes. Man, life has just dealt her some hand. But she is looking for God, and I am just thrilled to teach her. She's not even an investigator, she's my sister.

General Conference- ah man we missionaries become such nerds! We were all soooooo super exited, can't believe its already over!! Elder Bednar's talk was so perfect! Also, Elder Holland's talk really hit me. Being in the place with the people I'm with, your eyes are just opened to how many people need help. Here, giving rides to a person means the world, instead of walking your groceries 20 minutes in 100 degree weather back home. Its easy to feel overwhelmed as a missionary, that you just can't ever give enough.

Crazy people knocking- Funny how the adversary knows EXACTLY when you are having a spiritual high. I've gained such a testimony of opposition in all things. You've just gottta grit your teeth, clock it with your elbow, and keep walking. One lady talked with us at her doorstep. We tell her we are looking for service opportunities, and she starts going off about the service her church does and how we can help. We get all excited and she lets us in her house, offering us to sit down while she gets some water. Her friend in the kitchen turns and says " I got friends in need, but ain't no way I'm gonna give them to the latter-day saints. The woman turns around, says we need to leave, and gets us outta the house before we knew what happened.... seriously? One sentence from her friend turns off the last 5 min conversation we had with her. 
Also, I nearly used my pepper spray on this crazy guy looking for his pregnant girlfriend. With his crazy snake eyes (he must've been pretty high) he tells us to wait here (ya right) and goes and hops in his motor home, whistling for his girl.... oh boy!
Cool service for the day, helped a trucker clean graffiti off his Diesel. Boy, did we not blend in with our atmosphere!

My mission's so great. Sometimes it really feels like a dream.. not real. I look back and think, did that really just happen? I love serving the people here! Sylmar is just spiking up, and hopefully this last week was the last of the triple degree digits. Here comes "winter" :)

Love forever,
Sister McNeill

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