Tuesday, September 30, 2014

9/22/14 Update - Mucking Out Stalls and Loving It

Workin it Out-On a mission, majority of the work is in your head, and it just feels good to sweat out your stress sometimes.
 So it was a blast (crazy as it sounds) mucking out stalls for a newly active member! Boy, can't help but miss blue jeans and boots.  Earlier that morning we helped clean up the Balboa River (what’s left) for 3 hours. We had around 100 missionaries through the Valley come, so it was super fun to see Sis Cox again! Service is just the best. 

-Ricky passed his baptismal interview!! On Saturday we had a really good lesson about repentance, and how it is only through Christ we can change. We are super excited for him. It’s cool, he had been taught for about a year now, but Sister French said that he has changed more in this past month than he had the 3 she's been here. Amazing how setting that baptismal date really alters their perspective and commitment. That’s why it’s so crucial to have specific goals, else you'll just drift on forever, getting nowhere!
-Peter also came to church. Really, he is a dry Mormon, we just have to get him wet! The ward loves him, he loves them. He just still can't quite choose God over his family. Man, that is a decision I can't imagine having to make. I get it now, because I grew up with that. But when he finally gets dunked, look for him to be the next apostle.
Norma- a less active now coming back to church! She has two kids so the primary is thrilled! She is so enthusiastic, it’s awesome to have her here... but, similarly to a lot of people we've run into, she did drugs in the past so her mind is not quite all there. But she's pretty solid, til she starts going off about having the gift of tongues to speak Arab... Only here in LA county would a relief society activity have members involved in a conversation focused solely on pills... Love it. at least she has fellow shippers!

I love Sylmar! The ward is struggling, but the area is booming. We taught five lessons last week, that’s almost one a day!! Truly the Lord has blessed and taken care of me. I've really started to see the mental and emotional changes that've happened, and I am so grateful I have the opportunity to work side by side with the Lord in His vineyard.

Love you tons, thanks for your patience!
-Sister McNeill

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