Wednesday, June 11, 2014

6/9/14 - Pass Along Cards Work

"Ole ole, ole ole..... I'm feelin’ hot, hot, hot" and here comes the summer! 
Some fun details about this week:
  -We have a new investigator!! His name is Isaiah, and we taught the full Restoration, prayed, and set up a return appt. on his doorstep! He's a junior in high school looking for enlightenment, and we are meeting with him (and hopefully his mom) tomorrow! It’s been a long hard week knocking, but he really is a miracle to have found!
   -Church was AWESOME, Juan made it on his own! He is our deaf investigator that has to ride the bus and doesn’t know sign language very well.  We were biting our nails ‘til 3 minutes before! Also, the elders recent convert Angelina (whose been having a hard time coming cuz of her job... sketchy job) came to church and so did Marisa (who was baptized last week) with her son Isaiah. Her son made her wake up at 6:30am and made us banana bread cupcakes, and she is freezing some jambalaya for us, since they can’t feed us. This is the same woman who cooks everything in the microwave cuz she can’t afford to pay for her gas... Wow, very humbling.
   -Taught the law of chastity and tithing to Juan.... hahaha, uhhhhh (play it cool Sis McNeill).  Not fun trying to act out, but he got the message! With the concept of tithing, we’re going to try to teach him again, and we had a new idea to use a calculator, so that is going down tomorrow… pray for us.
   -This Sunday we signed a song called "Keeper of the Flame" while Brittany Ball sang/played piano. Super cool, it’s a whole new way of feeling the spirit.
   -Visited with a gay ex-communicated member. He is doing so good, and he actually said he might come to church to see our baptism with Juan in 3 weeks!! With him, I’ve never felt so much godly sorrow, seeing how much knowledge and testimony he has, yet still turning away from it all. But, regardless of what everything and everyone seems to point to, Sister Cox and I REFUSE to give up hope. We know the spirit has touched much darker souls, and he is such an amazing person!!! So maybe it will start with this baptism. He WILL be able to come to our weddings.
   -Met a woman named Brenda…Sooo kind! Just radiated and praised us for being willing to serve random strangers. She is very caring toward us. She's "not interested...." yet, but her daughters want to learn sign language, and she's practically begging to feed us dinner, so that was a very nice pick-me-up and we'll see how it goes from there.
   -Pass along cards actually work! We have someone named Peter who wants to know more about the Book of Mormon, but won’t meet us cuz of his parents. So, we are teaching him through texts!!!! I’ll keep you updated on that one.

Spiritual summary of the week - it is easier to stuff a camel through a needle than for a rich person to enter the kingdom of heaven. Hence we are on the search for the poor in spirit.

-Love to you all! 
Sister McNeill

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