Friday, January 10, 2014

1/10/14 - 1st Week of the MTC, adjusting to new alarm clock

January 10, 2014
  Hey! Halloo from the MTC!  Well, first week at the MTC feels like a year! I have grown so much, and know 3 times as many signs as I learned from taking it two years back in High school! So yeah, that's been fun!
  So, funny small random facts, I have the nice benefit of not having to set my alarm for the next 5 weeks. Why? Because there are two deaf sisters in my dorm, and turns out a beeping alarm clock doesn't exactly work for them.... so it also flashes.... and vibrates.... and screams like a banshee. (never got that part, I think the sound waves are so strong it wakes her up. So tha'ts been funny for both me and the other hearing sister to get used to.
  Lame note, I've been sick the past few days, bedridden just for a little, but I had to miss asking our first "investigator" to be baptised. My comp. Sister ingram switced with another comp so I could get some rest, and she accepted, yaya!! Frustrated I couldn't be there, but if anything it just gave me more motivation for the next one.
 Cool spiritual thought I had- The Bishop of the church came and talked to us on Tuesday- he was talking about Moses and how the people simply had to look at the snake on the rod to be healed. If they swallowed their pride, and turned to the Lord, they were healed. A miracle, right? So cool; but it's interesting that in the scriptures it doesn't give us a time frame- it just simply says those who looked were healed. So, it might've been a few days, or maybe even weeks before these people even recovered. Regardless though, it was still a miracle. Funny how time seems to alter or shift our perspective on things. Each night I pray with all my heart to understand my companion, to be able to understand my investigator so they don't have to finger-spell everything slow motion... But you know what, I have felt the Lord's power through me. Going through the temple tonight, the MTC forgot to tell the provo mtc workers that there is a deaf sister who needs an interpreter. Well, they were able to do close captions, but that can only get you so far. So, I had the opportunity to attempt to translate an endowment. I testify to you that God makes weak things strong. Not perfect, but strong and able. I love this gospel. 
 Love you all to pieces. Be safe. Just remember to turn to the Lord. He is right there. Right there! Just waiting for you to lean on Him. He won't take away your burden, so quit praying for that, but He will give you strength that is impossible for you to comprehend. Faith, trust, and work. That is the theme of my mission=) Love you all, thanks for the support.  I'm writing letters, slowly but surely. God bless you (if you work)
-Sister Jess McNeill

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